Limerick City & King John’s Castle

iscover a city steeped in history from the first Viking settlers to leafy Victorian suburbs, medieval sieges and citizen’s risings in between. After collecting you at your accommodation, we travel into the city for a short familiarisation tour of the key sights.

You’ll see grand avenues of Georgian Facades, along O’Connell Street, The Crescent and Perry Square District, the best examples outside of Dubin.There’s exhibits to be seen of life in old Limerick at the Frank McCourt Museum, author of Angela’s Ashes, and of course St Mary’s Cathedral and the magnificent King John’s Castle, situated on the banks of the mighty Shannon, this too has a superb visitors centre, illustrating how Limerick grew as an important trade and administrative centre. There’s also tales to be told of the Seige of Limerick between 1689/91, where Jacobite defenders retreated after being defeated at the Battle of the Boyne. And of course the Limerick Soviet declared in 1919, as workers briefly took over the city, even creating their own currency.

Limerick being the largest port city on the Shannon, became a hub for merchants of all kinds, and is noted for its production of Bacon and Ham, which saw its way on to the tables of Queen Victoria. However, the city is now a superb cosmopolitan shopping centre and boasts some great places to eat both in the town and along the river front and of course along the Main Street.

As we make our return journey don’t forget to ask your Chauffeur what other opportunities this great County offers before heading back to your accommodation.